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JOB TITLE: Telemarketing (home based job) QUALIFICATION: Graduate INDUSTRY: IT Software, Software Services SKILL: Good knowledge of English & typing speed. JOB DESCRIPTION: This is home based job stand on telemarketing based works. Basically in this home based job you have to do product selling work. Before join this type of home based job as a candidate you must have ability to endorse & sell products to various clients. And to do that first you have to understand client’s requirement this is most important part of this type of telemarketing work. Your English must be good & easy to under stand. This is a most important factor in this home based job. In this type of telemarketing work you must have clear idea about every product. This will help you to explain it more briefly to your customers. In this home based job you have to handle mainly US based customers. Let’s find out what type of products you have to handle in this home based job. This home based job is offer by a US based company name Prism Networks PVT Ltd. This is an IT Security Company who have various type of security system. In this home based job you have deal with those security systems. What I mean to say is various type of security systems are you products which you have to sell. Let’s take a look about what type of products you have to deal with. Company offer log in managements, Security monitoring, Operations Center which deals with operational efficiencies of existing IT team of company. This company also offer powerful search tool which help to analysis various events. These are few most use full IT products which you have to sell to various US clients. Like all other telemarketing job this home based job also has monthly targets. And every month you have to reach your targets. Other wise you will not eligible for payments. In this home based job you have to learn from business developments team of company. According to there guide line you have to work. In this home based job business
developments team will set your monthly target or goal. If you want to join this home based job opportunity then you must have good PC with head phone & internet connections. As a candidate you must agree to work with US timing. This is most important in this home based job. You can not work according to your timing you have to fallow US timing.
This is a best home based job available as on to day. APPLY: - At present company is not looking for fresher candidate for this home based job. If you want to apply for this home
based job then send your resume at sales@ Candidates must have working experience of 1 to 5 years. EARNING OPPORTUNITY: In this home based job
first you have to complete you monthly target to get eligible for monthly payments. You earning depend product selling factor. In an average you will able to earn 5000 par month.
COMPANY NAME:- Prism Networks PVT Ltd || ADDRESS:- Centre Park Drive, Columbia MD 21045,U.S
NOTE: In this home based job if company thinks you are not able provide proper service to you customer then they can close your service. In this case you will not receive your payments. In this home based job earning vary from person to person. As a candidate you have to achieve your monthly target to eligible for your monthly payment. One person can generate five sell par days other person can generate ten sell in day so there earning will not be the same.


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